23 Square Industrial Subdivision

23 Square Industrial Subdivision

Project Summary :

The 23 Square Industrial Subdivision is a 196.8 acre platted research technology / industrial subdivision containing 31 lots located in Chesterfield Township, Michigan.

Urban Land Consultants was involved with the subdivision development and platting, as well as the subsequent individual site plans on many of the individual lots. Most recently, Urban Land Consultants was involved with the development of a single large building on lots 29 and 30, currently occupied by the Chesterfield Township Department of Public Works.

Urban Land Consultants has performed as the site civil engineering consultant on a variety of industrial subdivision projects, and hundreds of industrial buildings over our more than four decades in business.

Services Provided:

Boundary survey, topographic survey, layout planning, Preliminary Plat preparations, civil engineering services including construction plans for the entire site, Final Plat documents, easement exhibits, construction stake-out, multiple individual building Site Plan preparations, representation at public meetings, site construction plans and landscaping plans, individual site building and construction staking.

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