Armada Extreme Home Makeover

Armada Extreme Home Makeover

Project Summary :

The Armada Extreme Home Makeover House is a seven bedroom single family residence constructed on a one acre parcel located in Armada Township, Michigan. The build time, including demolishing the prior mold-infested structure, was 53 hours, 53 minutes, constructed in August of 2006 as a joint effort by Lombardo Companies and American Heartland Homes for the TV series Extreme Home Makeover.

Urban Land Consultants was invited to participate because of our knowledge of the local residential plot plan design and permitting procedures and our recognized expertise in designing appropriate solutions for difficult on-site septic treatment conditions.

The small site, difficult grading and septic conditions, and secretive permitting process, combined with the record-breaking build time and made-for-TV setting made this home one of the most memorable projects that Urban Land Consultants has ever participated in.

Services Provided:

Boundary survey, topographic survey, layout planning, Residential Plot Plan preparations, civil engineering services including septic design and permitting, extensive logistical planning with builders and contractors, building stake-out, septic follow-up education Also participated in the blue shirt parade, and the “move that bus” scene, along with hundreds of other people who were involved with building this house for a very worthy and appreciative family.

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