Hidden Oaks Site Condominiums

Hidden Oaks Site Condominiums

Project Summary :

Hidden Oaks phase one and two complete comprise an 80 acre single family residential site condominium community located on the north side of 31 Mile Road between Campground Road and Mound Road in Washington Township.

Hidden Oaks is located in the 40,000 square foot zoning district. While Hidden Oaks has sixty-six home sites total, eight of the home sites are excepted parcels outside of the site condominium, due to soil and septic system limitations. Expertise in on-site septic design and treatment systems is critical to maximize densities for developments which do not have access to sanitary sewer.

Services Provided:

Boundary survey, topographic survey, land use planning, layout planning, Site Plan preparations, landscaping consulting, extensive septic evaluations, representation at public meetings, civil engineering services including complete construction plan preparations, construction staking services, parcel split documents and site condominium Exhibit B preparations, as-built plan preparations, residential single family plot plan preparations.

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