Seven Lakes Development

Seven Lakes Development

Project Summary :

Seven Lakes Development is a 459.141 acre single family residential planned open space residential community located at the north-west corner of 31 Mile Road and Mound Road in Washington Township. Seven Lakes has 201 single family 1 acre to 2 acre residential home sites arranged around over 230 acres of open space, meadows, woods, lakes, and wetlands. Sixty of the home sites comprising phases one and two have already been developed, with future phases remaining. Paved and wood-chip pathways are maintained throughout the open space, with considerable detail to landscaping and wetland habitat.

While Seven Lakes ranks among the most beautiful residential developments in Macomb County, the site approval and construction permitting process was complex. Many facets of a multi-year development needed to all come together to get Seven Lakes started. The quality and teamwork of the consultants involved, and a very committed developer, made the difference.

Services Provided:

Boundary survey, topographic survey, land use planning, layout planning, Residential Open Space Plan preparations, Development Impact Statement preparations, landscaping consulting, consent judgment consulting, septic evaluations and groundwater consulting, wetlands permitting, representation at public meetings, civil engineering services including complete construction plan preparations, construction staking services, parcel split documents and site condominium Exhibit B preparations, as-built plan preparations, residential single family plot plan preparations.

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