Simpson Park Camp

Simpson Park Camp

Project Summary :

Simpson Park Camp is a 49.724 acre private Christian campground located at the north-west corner of Campground Road and Gates Road in Bruce Township, owned by the Simpson Park Campmeeting Association.

Simpson Park Camp has been in existence since the mid-1800’s. Most of the structures and activities taking place at Simpson Park Camp pre-date the Bruce Township Zoning Ordinances. The Camp has a variety of special land uses, many of which are grandfathered in, however the Camp also wishes to modernize, which brings them under new site plan and special land use standards.

Considerable expertise and perseverance is necessary to gain approvals and maintain compliance for some land uses while zoning ordinances evolve over time.

Services Provided:

Boundary survey, topographic survey, land use planning, layout planning, Special Land Use Plan preparations, Development Impact Statement preparations, civil engineering services including preliminary septic planning, representation at public meetings.

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