Stoney Creek Communities

Stoney Creek Communities

Project Summary :

Stoney Creek Communities is a 49.588 acre multi-family residential community with 400 units, some condominium, some apartments, located at the south-east corner of 26 Mile Road and Shelby Road in Shelby Township.

Stoney Creek Communities is the product of multiple developers participating in a master use agreement. While the separate developers had diverse personalities and sometimes diverse schedules and goals, Urban Land Consultants, LLC had worked with all three previously.

A well known, respected, and effective civil engineering consultant can work with diverse personalities for the benefit of all.

Services Provided:

Boundary survey, topographic survey, land use planning, layout planning, Site Plan preparations, wetlands permitting, representation at public meetings, Master Use Agreement consulting and exhibit preparations, civil engineering services including complete construction plan preparations, construction staking services, parcel split documents and site condominium Exhibit B preparations, as-built plan preparations, individual building staking and permit services.

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