Wilson Veterinary Hospital

Wilson Veterinary Hospital

Project Summary :

Wilson Veterinary Hospital is a 12,980 square foot veterinary clinic located at the south-west corner of Van Dyke Avenue and Durham Street.

The veterinary hospital was constructed in two phases. The first phase included approximately 6,530 square feet and the Durham Road improvements were constructed in 1997, while the expansion to current size was constructed in early 2008. Urban Land Consultants, LLC performed as the site civil engineering consultants for both phases. Some specialty uses require expertise not normally found in a civil engineering company. This project required an expanded septic treatment system to accommodate the extensive washing of pet bedding, while pet waste and outflow from a pet rehabilitation pool were also a concern.

Services Provided:

Boundary survey, topographic survey, layout planning, Special Land Use Plan preparations, Site Plan preparations, representation at public meetings, civil engineering services including construction plans for the entire site including septic treatment systems, Durham Road paving plans.

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